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Wonder Bars specialise in providing professional bar services to festivals, weddings, and other special events.
Our speciality is quick serve festival bars where we maximise profit, customer experience and speed of service for our clients and customers.
We have a team of experienced, fully trained and friendly staff, including bar managers, and we are able to deliver the full package. This can include licensing, logistical bar operations, suitable partnership brand's, sponsorship, bar finances and staffing solutions for all sorts of events.


As event industry professionals we pride ourselves on making things easy for you and your event.
Professional Staff
We can provide bar staff, logistics teams, office and finance teams, supervisors and managers, personal license holders and handle DPS responsibilities. We can also tailor the team to work with outsourced volunteers, and manage applications and deposits for these roles. All staff are fully trained and briefed on bar licensing conditions, Weights and Measures, Challenge 25 policy, who the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) is at the event, and the legal signage.
Sales, Contactless and Cash Back
We offer a quick intelligent point of sale till system with full statistical sales breakdowns, so that you are able to see which products sold the best at your event, which bars were the most popular, peak times and much more. This system is invaluable to events and festivals, we offer contactless card payments to our customers, and if pre-agreed we can also offer cash-back
We include full bar equipment as part of our services, including draught apparatus, measuring devices and speed pourers. We provide mixer taps for soft drinks and can use these to dispense pre-mixed cocktails made to your recipes. We are able to provide Multi Dispense Units (MDU’s) for particularly busy events allowing use to dispense 12-20 beers at any one time.
Conscious Sourcing & Cups
We are an ethically minded company, and source our products responsibly, often purchasing from local breweries and using environmentally friendly cups and packaging which can be branded to market your event or product and help with waste.
Speed of Service
We know how busy event bars can be, and have lots of systems in place to ensure a quick service. Experienced staff, Multi Dispense Units, pre-mixed cocktail taps and back bar set ups all contribute to your customer’s experience of quick, professional bar service.
Tailored to You
We can build and decorate our bars to suit the feel and scope of your event, tailoring themes, stock, drinks menus, decor and even staff costumes to your audience’s demographic. We offer our clients branding support and can source consumables branded with your custom designs.
We specialise in arranging sponsorship deals between your event and stock wholesalers, reducing cost, maximising profit and building good business relationships.

Structures - Please contact us for details of the structures that we can provide or with an idea you would like us to make a reality.

The "Lost Woods" bar at Wonder Fields Festival 2016


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Everyone at Wonder Bars loves the events industry. We hire people who have a proven passion for the excitement that live events provide and have a reputation for providing friendly, enthusiastic and loveable staff who truly enjoy what they do.

One of the most special aspects of our team is their knowledge of audiences. They know when it’s appropriate to give a guest a napkin with their cocktail, and when it’s more appropriate to serve cider with a glitter moustache!

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